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SirVival download .apk SirVival 46,71 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v.
  • 01.11.2016
Скачиваний: 75


Epic arcade runner . As the runners themselves are taymkillery, and have simple gameplay, the developers usually do not bother to think for them, the story, thereby making a big mistake. After all, isn't it much more interesting to play this kind of game, when you know where and why are you running, and collecting various bonuses on your way, looking forward to the appearance on the horizon of the game store, to pump the main character. So, if you're a fan of arcade runners but you are pretty tired of playing in meaningless projects, then you should definitely pay their attention to our current new product.


The history of the game «SirVival» from "Soul and Vibe Interactive", tells us about the fabulous region called "Galgamar", the expanse of which lies the glorious castle "Astynax", which for several decades in a row controls the wisest king in the world. What can I say, you just imagine that in his Kingdom there is no hunger, no poor people, all live in prosperity. By the way, I guess that's why so much enraged Fire Lord who decided to Rob the king of his land. For this, he was sent to the "Astynax" your best knight, and giving the king time for reflection no more than three days, issued an ultimatum, and that for a long time did not open, he ordered to kidnap his daughter. In General, the horror! But king was not discouraged, and began to search for heroes that can save his daughter from the clutches of the villains. By the way, if you haven't figured that hero would be you, and that you have to take the Princess to her loving father.


The essence in fact, this project is a 2D runner with a display camera with side view, where the main character, he is a knight of Sir Vival, will relentlessly ride your horse from left to right, and you are driving them with two buttons (accelerate to attack, and jump), to help overcome obstacles and destroy enemies. By the way, if you simultaneously hold down these two buttons, the knight can attack targets in the air. That's basically all you need to know in order to save the Princess, leaving only to go and start to destroy all opposing monsters and villains.


To be honest, the game "SirVival" we loved it, it has colorful and bright graphics, and excellent story, the only thing we didn't like is the fact that without a network connection this game is not working and the server to which it appeals, very often sboyat.

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Download SirVival free

SirVival download .apk SirVival 46,71 Mb
  • ARMv7
  • v.
  • 01.11.2016
Скачиваний: 75
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Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc.
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4.1 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
1 November 2016
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1 November 2016
Arcade, Timekillers, Action
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