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Custom simulator . If you're a fan of games on the theme of aviation, and love from time to time to fly all sorts of planes from passenger planes, and ending the combat, then in that case you probably know perfectly well that all qualitative simulators on this subject are implemented in 3D with the option to change the camera display in random order. So, in other words, everything that is on a similar theme are implemented in 2D it's not simulation, arcade and banal projects. By the way, to be honest, until today, we thought so, until I get better acquainted with non-standard work of the company "Toplight Gaming".


As in any similar game on the theme of passenger transport in the game «Transporter Flight Simulator» your task will be to begin to pilot a small plane, to make transportation as much money as possible, and establishing a private company to take control of the world's passenger traffic. I guess that with this task you can handle two at once? Then know, as the display of the camera, and the control in this game is implemented very precarious, and that means that while you'll get used to it, it will spoil you a lot. Although do not go for a good game?


So, what is so unusual about this game? Yes, the fact that the display during the flight is it not in 3D first-person and 2D side view, to make takeoffs and landings will be incredibly difficult, but still possible if you pilowcase proper control of your liner by suitable levers (speed, flaps, landing gear, the wheel itself and the wheel away from you) and will constantly monitor the condition of passengers. Yes, in this game from passengers depends on many things, this means that if they remain dissatisfied with the result of your flights, then soon your company won't use. Otherwise, you will be able to quickly earn some money to open dozens of new routes for the flights, and to visit with their passengers a lot of beautiful cities and countries (at the moment this game is available to countries such as Russia, USA, Brazil, France, Israel, China, Japan, and the UAE).


Though our current new product called «Transporter Flight Simulator» is a custom simulator, and displaying it is not the first, and the third person, however, to play it incredibly interesting.

Screenshots of the game

Transporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight SimulatorTransporter Flight Simulator

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Download Transporter Flight Simulator free

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Transporter Flight Simulator

Toplight Gaming
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5 November 2016
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5 November 2016
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