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A fun platformer . For anybody not a secret that creating arcade 2Dthe platform developers are very much not worried over their storylines, because it understands that such projects gamers need not sob story, and dynamic gameplay with a lot of enemies. By the way, to be honest, until recently we ourselves thought so, but when played in a couple of platformers with interesting storylines, we realized that when you know that you fight to play a much much more interesting. What, don't you think? Then you either never played this kind of game, or just hate platformers. Although wait, if you're reading this review, so to platformer you care, just likely you have not fallen into the hands of worthy representatives of the genre.


The history of the game «Max Backett: Zoo Menace» from the company "Sylok by MGrup Media", originates from the fact that in the glorious city of new York, a mad Professor, who calls himself only as "Dr. Strange," he decided to test his miraculous vaccine on the inhabitants of the local zoo, which once you get there at night, he added it to all the drinkers in. And what do you think? After only a few hours, the mutated animals, which by the way more good and wiser from this potion, escaped from the zoo, and began to terrorize civilians. In General, on the streets started a real mess with which can end only you taking this into your own hands the management of the intrepid squirrel named Max. Are you ready for adventure?


As in any other platformer, the gameplay of this game is that you will be playing the main character and then jump from platform to platform, while collecting gold coins to kill all oncoming enemies. That may be so, but there is only in this game one little nuance, namely, to destroy the enemies only with the help of the machine, because if you only to any touch, even jumping on his head like in "Super Mario Bros", then immediately die (just on the passing game given three lives). So until you get a firearm, it is better to avoid the enemies side, but otherwise you'll never get to "Dr. Strange", and don't put the edge of lawlessness on the streets of new York.


If you like platformers, and you are not averse to fight with mutants, then the game «Max Backett: Zoo Menace» this is exactly what you need.

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Max Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo MenaceMax Backet: Zoo Menace

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Download Max Backet: Zoo Menace free

Скачиваний: 160

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Max Backet: Zoo Menace

Sylok Media by MGrup
Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
19 November 2016
Last updated:
19 November 2016
Arcade, Platformers
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