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Detective quest . What do you think, is it difficult being a private detective to solve the murder? But no, let's slightly pereinachila and complicate the question: is it difficult to open not easy, but premeditated murder, to which malefactors were going for a long time, planning in advance all their actions and escape routes? Well, do you think? Of course, to find the bandits in this case, it would be incredibly difficult, what can I say, if at the scene they were professionals, even almost impossible, but not for our main character, who is like riddles clicks nuts.


If you are a fan of the detective quest, you will then probably need to be familiar with such popular game series as the "Final Cut" from "Big Fish Games", each episode of which represents the hardboiled crime story with a mass of corpses, and a large number of suspects. By the way, one of the main pieces of this series is the fact that all the events of all the episodes revolve around show business, which turned out to actually all hate each other, and ready to kill each other. So, now we want to present to you in the name of the game «Final Cut: Fade to Black» another episode of this series.


The story of this game originates from the moment that the main character receives a letter requesting help from his old friend Bernard, who as an ordinary photographer, got involved in some dangerous history. In General, arriving to his house, our hero finds two strange types out of the front of Bernard, and the Bernard, in a pool of blood in the middle of one of the rooms. But further more, inspection of premises, and the car of the murdered friend, the main character learns about the existence of a certain high-tech device that could change the appearance of a person on any of the entered in its database. So, in other words, the one who will own this device can transform into anyone, and this means that there is nothing impossible. I want to go to the Bank in the form of the Director and make all the money you want, as the security guard of the President gets into the White House and eliminate the head of government, and will do that without more. In short, to avoid this, you need at all costs to complete the investigation of Bernard.


Since we personally had the honor to get acquainted with all episodes of the game series "Final Cut", we can truthfully tell you that «Final Cut: Fade to Black» is the best of them.

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Final Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to BlackFinal Cut: Fade to Black

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Download Final Cut: Fade to Black free

Скачиваний: 455

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Final Cut: Fade to Black

Big Fish Games
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4.0 and higher
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26 November 2016
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26 November 2016
Quests, Logic
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