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Criminal taymkiller

Give me back my daughter - music, colourful arcade game for Android with a rather strange storyline dedicated to the abduction of the daughter of the once famous criminal leader: the hero has long been planning to retire, but due to recent events he would have to return to, to raise the connections and look suddenly announced villains, decided to encroach on the sacred. The story really causes a lot of questions, but still does not mesh with the game mechanics - why the music suddenly obliged to bring so much anguish and despair, it can not find neutral topics that can interest the presentation of the material, and not an obligation to save someone

In General, after a brief Preface, is designed in the form of comics appearing in different places dialog bubbles, begins the representation of the characters on the screen will appear green alien, too, for some reason, stretching the invisible ear to the phone, and the hare, and even the old lady with the shotgun. Only later will know what was picked up a whole collection of heroes they say, you get to redeem earned coins and whip to work.

Game mechanics to Give me back my daughter shocking is not less than the flow of the story. First published behind the scenes, the music will have to "shoot and explode" by using the corresponding buttons located directly on the screen (kind of a shooting at the enemies). The higher the accuracy, more the combination, the better the final result and thoroughly place on the leaderboard. Special skills will be awarded another job, and this is a direct road to wealth and gradually opened locations. More to replenish the Bank will help free the commercials that pop up every ten or fifteen minutes without the consent of the user.

Oh, and then it remains only to travel, summon allies, again to dial records and seem to shoot half of the city, accidentally encountered on the way distraught over the kidnapping of the daughter of a maniac. Killed, by the way, show using the same images from the comics - someone got shot in the leg, someone was left without a rib or clavicle. The atmosphere is really efficiently designed, and the animation did not disappoint - everything is moving, changing and colorful displays. The major gaps relate to the complexity and monotony - first, the bandit just five lives (you should make so many mistakes and all Holos - start the level again), and this is a serious test of reaction, especially when connecting mode at high speed. There literally will not be able to gape even for a second! Second, it is unclear why use any techniques and skills - the gameplay will not change. Still have to hammer away at the buttons, but to hope for a positive result. The project Give me back my daughter on android is really able to surprise and interesting concepts and contagious entertainment, but sooner or later, to perform all the same tasks will become incredibly boring...

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Give me back my daughterGive me back my daughterGive me back my daughterGive me back my daughterGive me back my daughter

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Download Give me back my daughter free

Скачиваний: 56

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Give me back my daughter

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
6 January 2017
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6 January 2017
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