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Download Simbiont 2 free

Simbiont 2 download .apk Simbiont 2 60,39 Mb
Simbiont 2
  • ARMv6
  • v. 1.0.3
  • 07.01.2017
Скачиваний: 373


Amusing text adventure

Simbiont 2 - interactive text story for Android story with two companies, dark universe, changing depending on the actions taken, and multiple endings, summarizing all controversial events.

The main hero stands Berkut, a high level mercenary who arrived in the hazardous area by order of the management. Almost immediately, the character gets stuck between three fires - front is found scattered throughout the maze of corridors and rooms of traps, dangerous enemies, and unsolvable riddles. Will the eagle to reach the finals alive depends on users...

To control the storyline allowed in the menu specialized, black-and-green terminal is equipped with two large buttons and a small lever, allowing you to scroll appear on the message screen and monitor the work done. Buttons for sending commands, changing depending on situations - sometimes, for example, should inform the approach of the enemy, sometimes to call for help or to order an immediate counterattack. In short, worth keeping an eye on everyone around him, thinking, Yes, push - the result is bound to emerge later.

After exploring unusual device transmitting the signal, there will be the first task remotely to run the repeaters and transfer a text signal to someone who is on the other side of the screen. So there will be a Golden eagle caught in a difficult situation. Bright and unexpected meeting in a few minutes become a routine - canvas white text, some shapeless descriptions are totally unnecessary objects, weird climate of terror to be more convincing. And in fact, the main character, a powerful and fearless fighter, after five minutes, turns into a strange whiner, deciding to die for the Fatherland at the first sign of danger. And this continues until the end of the story. The appearance of a monster, the fear, the fearless desire to die, again, the transition to the regular learning levels.

And yet, the literary quality is not the free app Simbiont 2 is sufficiently high, the events are easily understood and without voice acting and videos, and many troubles are quite easy to believe. But still sometimes constantly emerging collection of exclamation marks (after each message in one word!) seriously tiring and cause you to postpone the passage. Game content modest entire selection somehow leads to pre-planned options (you can, for example, or long to Dodge or hide, in any case, the result is the same), and break the linearity is possible only in rare moments of history. Who should test the project? Those who are already familiar with the first part or applications of this genre, or newcomers who have decided to try something new and not tried. Yes, Simbiont 2 on android is not a breakthrough, but a brisk continuation of the original with the increased amount of possibilities and plot holes patched.

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Simbiont 2Simbiont 2Simbiont 2Simbiont 2Simbiont 2

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Download Simbiont 2 free

Simbiont 2 download .apk Simbiont 2 60,39 Mb
Simbiont 2
  • ARMv6
  • v. 1.0.3
  • 07.01.2017
Скачиваний: 373
Simbiont 2 download Google Play 20.00
Переходов: 42
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Simbiont 2

Android version:
4.0 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
7 January 2017
Last updated:
7 January 2017
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