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Motorcycle racing

High-speed races on the highway with traffic cars are already far not new, but simply moving the camera to the foreground, i.e. in the first person, dramatically changed the feeling of the classic races, but you can feel the abundance of speed and adrenaline in the game Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic.

In free game Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic implemented 4 classic mode for the races: one or two-lane traffic, time trial and free riding, in which there are no restrictions, exactly as the targets. Instead of cars, used motorcycles, motopark presents a very high-speed models that can be additional to improve, increasing their speed. In the first two modes-on collision with a car automatically means the end of the race but in the race for a while everything continues until, until the end of time, with penalties for collisions are not calculated. To continue the race in the first two modes are required to purchase a paid feature that gives you extra lives. On the main screen is constantly updated leaderboard, with new nominees emerge for each week, and information is stored as the winners of last week and the current nominees. Management is represented by three schemes - accelerometer, gestures and virtual buttons. Each of them comfortable in their, test in Free Ride mode and put the records in competitive modes. Also, the developers have provided a choice of 4 different locations that are radically different from each other. The only downside is the lack of change in weather conditions and the cycle of the day, because the night races at times more extreme than a day. Each day offers the ability to perform Daily Quest, which is given a decent reward. The main currency are gold coins, which are earned very easy, but in any case, they can be purchased for real money through the integrated donation system.

Graphic component of the project was entirely disappointed, while it's not so much mediocre detail, how many in physics, because a motorcycle is rather like a tram, as the call turns to the left and right realistically possible with great difficulty. The optimization of the complaints simply can not be, in the absence of any factors, excessively load the GPU, so even owners of very low-cost devices can count on decent FPS. The soundtrack is good, but the engine sounds is just awful. To summarize: android game Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic pleased only one-third and the expectations of those who inspired the screenshots is simply not true that, in principle, not surprising, given the quality of the other projects of the Studio developer, so how the game can appeal to everyone - this is purely personal question the answer to which can only be obtained after installation.

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Moto Rider GO: Highway TrafficMoto Rider GO: Highway TrafficMoto Rider GO: Highway TrafficMoto Rider GO: Highway TrafficMoto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

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Download Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic free

Скачиваний: 83

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Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
2 February 2017
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2 February 2017
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