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Download Thief Life free

Thief Life download .apk Thief Life 28,2 Mb
Thief Life
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.3.5
  • 22.03.2018
Скачиваний: 19


Criminal arcade

Mobile app Thief Life on Android is not an aging classics in a modern treatment, which can be downloaded from our site absolutely free of charge. According to the plot of the game the main character is presented to the user in the image of a secret agent who was sent on an important mission. Can you help the hero to prevent plans of terrorists.

Mobile app Thief Life is a bright arcade game with RPG elements. The player's goal is simple: to get to the checkpoint to move on to the next level. At first all went pretty easy. In your way are various enemies that must be destroyed. With the further passage of the situation is more complicated. Opponents get more powerful weapons, and the level of difficulty increases. In such cases it is recommended to pay attention to the environment. The game has many elements with which you can interact. For example, if you shoot a barrel of gasoline, it will explode and destroy all enemies standing nearby. Use all items wisely, because to beat the game with "swords on halo" is unlikely to succeed. In addition, the enemies react to all sorts of noise and can call for help that sounds a bit like the mode "hidden killer". The game has about 42 interesting levels. At the end of each stage, there is an exciting fight with the boss.

Pleased role-playing system which will increase the variety of gameplay. In a secret agent with eight types of firearms, ranging from pistols and ending with machine guns with grenade launchers. Each weapon may be upgrading, increasing the firepower of weapons. For successful action the player is awarded with money, which opens the possibility to improve your weapons.

The second important factor is the availability of different power-UPS scattered throughout the levels. With their assistance, you will be able for a short time to a short-term advantage in the form of increased armor, increased attack speed and other amazing features.

The graphics of the game provides a bright two-dimensional engine. Overall, the picture looks quite nice, resembling the style of modern cartoons. Control is quite responsive and perfectly optimized for touch screens, so feel free to download the Thief Life for their android gadgets.

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Thief LifeThief LifeThief LifeThief LifeThief Life

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Download Thief Life free

Thief Life download .apk Thief Life 28,2 Mb
Thief Life
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.3.5
  • 22.03.2018
Скачиваний: 19
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Thief Life

Android version:
2.3 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
30 March 2017
Last updated:
30 March 2017
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