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Underwater battles

"Ships vs. Sea Monsters" a new project from the Studio Fortuna Lion for the operating system Android. Previously, developers had little experience in creating games for mobile devices, so do not judge strictly. This time they decided to change the concept of the well-known Tower Defense genre. The essence remains the same, but the play style has changed a bit.

You are a marine commander assigned to a port. It is located in the left corner of the playing field. Located opposite the enemy forces that are constantly attacking the port and try to destroy it. The main task of all the forces to repel the attacks of opponents.

The first level is very simple, it can be called learning. Is given a small amount of gold that you want to spend during the battle. As soon as the horizon appears the enemy forces start to build ships. It is not towers as other Tower Defense games. Each ship has a powerful gun to destroy enemy units and level of health. When it reaches zero the ship will sink. The playing field is divided into 6 lines. Each of them can advance troops of the opponent. However, to build ships prior to the start of the game is not worth it. Wait until the horizon does not appear the first enemy forces. Then you will know what line needs to be strengthened.

The opponent has multiple types of units: octopus, giant sharks, poisonous jellyfish. These creatures will attack the port, trying to destroy it. For the successful repulsed the attack, the user gains money and experience points. Both currencies need to improve vehicles, pumping various abilities of the main character. With the passage of levels the difficulty increases gradually. Try not only to quickly build ships, but also strategically place them.

The game "Ships vs. Sea Monsters" has a simple, even a bit primitive two-dimensional graphics. It has good detail, one can see pretty large pixels. Drawing is mediocre, the visual effects are present, but to call them very high quality impossible. Animations do not slow down, engine optimization good. The app works perfectly even on slower smartphones. Interesting gameplay, ultimate like Tower Defense. Management does not differ from similar applications. Install free game "Ships vs. Sea Monsters" for Android OS, protect the port from enemy attacks, expand the number of allied ships.

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Ships vs Sea MonstersShips vs Sea MonstersShips vs Sea MonstersShips vs Sea MonstersShips vs Sea Monsters

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Download Ships vs Sea Monsters free

Скачиваний: 117
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Ships vs Sea Monsters

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