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The battle with evil

Rickety and covered with dust, stone tombs, the fetid smell of decaying inhabitants of the newly dug graves, the melodic sound of knuckles newly awakened skeletons frightening atmosphere of the cemetery in the role-playing action Skull Towers: Castle Defense for Android takes on a whole different meaning when it comes to the unexpected army of darkness and spread the curse. Who is to blame in the events, by the way, is unknown – they say an old MAG so decided to punish medieval king (but there are versions of the guilt of the village men, accidentally spilled the ale in the old crypt). In any case, to restore the long-past events and look for culprits too late – the enemy army is approaching the borders of the Kingdom, therefore, an urgent need to begin the battle.

Battles in Skull Towers: Castle Defense povestvuetsya first person on the screen indicates a huge bow and a pair of hands – you need to pull the string to shoot at the enemies, earn gold and by all means to protect the boundaries of the level: in General, an extraordinary mix of Tower Defense and first-person shooter with role-playing elements development. The enemy moves from different sides, so you need to respond quickly and competently – sometimes it's better to keep a closer common soldier-skeletons, and to have knights in armor with shields than shoot everyone and waste precious arrows. Eventually (after several completed tasks), users finally will be given the opportunity to command allies, special towers, causing a loss in range. To build assistants, by the way, are completely optional – you can do it on their own, unless, of course, to shoot accurately and to choose the right strategy.

Game mechanics turned out to be incredibly entertaining and high quality first of all, because of the amazing graphic design, attracting the attention of a really Mature style, funny telling of the events through the cemetery theme. All over some knuckle burning in the old cellar of the torches left in the way of the skull. But even opponents all the time grimace – then body parts start to juggle, then stop and talk about the hard life of a long-buried person. In General, is really funny. Shooting dynamics is also in order – the main character cheerfully nock his arrows, and those whistling overcome the prescribed distance and scatter on the part of opponents. And after battles, too, will find what to do – buy improvements lottery with chests, lots of extra modes.

Be sure to check out the awesome free arcade Skull Towers: Castle Defense on android, offering to lead a vibrant and incredibly dynamic fight wild enemies attacking with different and completely unexpected side – achieve glory and become a leader right now in all possible categories!

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Skull Towers: Castle DefenseSkull Towers: Castle DefenseSkull Towers: Castle DefenseSkull Towers: Castle DefenseSkull Towers: Castle Defense

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Download Skull Towers: Castle Defense free

Скачиваний: 38

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Skull Towers: Castle Defense

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
7 April 2017
Last updated:
7 April 2017
Strategy, FPS
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