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Balloonario download .apk Balloonario 49,18 Mb
  • ARMv6
  • v. 1.13
  • 06.05.2017
Скачиваний: 31


Hot air ballooning

"Balloonario" - a typical arcade game, designed for the Android operating system. Studio LineBrain is a newcomer in this field. This is their first game. Gradually it is gaining popularity among users.

Throughout the gameplay you need to control the balloon. Immediately after installation, the user is provided with several modes. The developers recommend a training regime. If you are a newcomer to this genre, don't ignore it. In it, the user will be able to see the controls, basic rules, and during the passage of time to get used to the mechanics. After training you can go to the other modes. Originally opened on 1 part of the passage and survival. The second part will open only when you will be able to achieve high results in the first.

Gameplay is divided into several levels. To move on to the next location, it is necessary to overcome a given distance in a balloon. On the way found a huge number of obstacles. They can be divided into: minor and fatal. The first is birds. If you bump into them, they only slightly complicate the control of the ball. The second – rocks, planes and other objects. Crashing into fatal obstacles you will cause damage to the ball. Each collision takes one life. Only the user is given three heart (life). If they run out, you lose.

On your way will encounter various useful items. Collecting coins, you will be able to accumulate the required amount needed to buy a new balloon. It will have improved characteristics. Try to collect hearts. They are able to increase the number of lives. After each level, the user is show a small the final table. It specifies the number of points earned money and time spent on completing the scene.

The game "Balloonario" has a fairly easy control. Clicking on the left part of the screen of the mobile device, the balloon rises. If you let go, it will gradually begin to fall. You can shoot down birds by pressing on the right side of the screen. It is worth noting the mechanics of the application. The user will have to get used to it. However, it is the complexity of the passage.

As for the graphics, it's pretty simple. The principal objects look good, the detailing done at a high level, but some background elements are slightly blurred. Animations are not retarding even on weak devices. Visual effects are almost there. The overall picture fits the overall style of the application. The gameplay is quite complicated, but interesting. Each level has unique terrain and location of obstacles. Added high-quality music. Periodically there are banner ads, has donation. Install a free arcade game "Balloonario" on your android device, try to fly all the locations on the balloon.

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Download Balloonario free

Balloonario download .apk Balloonario 49,18 Mb
  • ARMv6
  • v. 1.13
  • 06.05.2017
Скачиваний: 31

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6 May 2017
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6 May 2017
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