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Thin ice download .apk Thin ice 33,55 Mb
Thin ice
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1
  • 22.07.2014
Скачиваний: 151


Ice Puzzle for Android Thin ice- It's a great and fresh puzzle on android, in which you will help polar explorer named Greg, go numerous obstacles lurking in the Arctic ice, and return home. Passing frozen rivers need to be extremely cautious, because the thin ice may fall under your feet at any time.

Problem explorers on the Android platform, it's something new and fresh, which is not too much right now, in the hot summer, when a stuffy, I want a bit of coolness. Your hero, a polar explorer named Greg, and you need to carry it home. But there are a number of problems due to which the return home becomes quite difficult. Shoes, our hero was battered and worn out, so traffic is quite constrained, but still take the time it is not necessary, because it is often necessary to pass through the frozen rivers, where the ice and cracking underfoot strives to crack and to pull Greg into the icy depths. Have to go almost on a whim, no hints you will not, except for the sounds and looks more like a puzzle game Minesweeper, where he stepped into the wrong cell, will have to start all over again. So it here. But best of all, that this fresh puzzle is laid out for free and does not involve any donation. It's quite nice and the gameplay of the game becomes even more entertaining. True to the game existents advertising, but it's easy to fix disconnecting the internet.
Visually, the game is quite simple and not demanding, but all freshly painted, and at an odd angle for puzzles. The only bad when viewed from above, is that the hero can not see any details, get the feeling that a sack of potatoes on the ice moves. Play well with the sound, the game is full of very real winter sounds, from which it becomes a little cooler.
Outside the window, the heat is such that I want to knock a little degree of coolness, this game is totally free offers you a fresh gameplay and cool atmosphere. The game is recommended to all fans of casual games, puzzles, and simply for those who do not know what to do with a couple of hours.

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Thin iceThin iceThin iceThin iceThin iceThin iceThin ice

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Download Thin ice free

Thin ice download .apk Thin ice 33,55 Mb
Thin ice
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.1
  • 22.07.2014
Скачиваний: 151
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Thin ice

Android version:
2.3 and higher
Tablet, Smartphone
22 July 2014
Last updated:
22 July 2014
Quests, Logic
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