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Dirt On Tires [Offroad]

Dirt On Tires [Offroad]
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  • Требования Android 2.7
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Marshes and swamps, dense forests and a snarling mountain ranges, heavy loads and fall from the body of the log is a racing simulator Dirt On Tires [Offroad] for Android offers to become the driver of the SUV that performs urgent, difficult and dangerous contracts for the delivery of materials and resources. The goals are many – first of all, you need to carefully use issued technology (whether old expensive SUV or truck capable of transporting a construction crane) – you should not fly at full speed over the rocks and boulders, trying to set some kind is not necessary and risky records. Also, you should take care of the freight being carried – it is unlikely that the customer will appreciate only half of the delivered things and forget about the losses at delivery. Besides, it is important to control secondary objectives – time, the percentage of task completion, quality of interactions with staff. When all goals are solved, the screen will display a special toolbar that provides access to jobs of high complexity.

Briefly describe the pros Dirt On Tires [Offroad] is difficult enough, but to highlight the main advantages (stands out from the competitors in the genre) still stands:

1. SUVs. At the start the user is prompted to arm themselves with some interesting equipment – KAMAZ, UAZ, VAZ, GAZ, ZIL, URAL: offered by domestic manufacturers and the strength, and size and absolute permeability. Of course, it is not necessary to count on easy victory and quickly solved the contracts – all the equipment will have to improve, adjust and have to change depending on weather conditions and unexpected situations on the road.

2. Map. All events, including competitions and trials unfold in three (in the main menu allowed to choose) a global maps with open world and complete freedom of actions. Users will be allowed to move in different directions, to visit some factories and shipping materials and then move to the destination and earn coins. You can still cooperate with other users (networking in real time), to offer interesting challenges and different ways to demonstrate the superior driving performance. If you compete you get bored, that no one bothers to leave the network and continue a single study area.

3. Interface. Developers design picked high quality – the entire screen is filled with some informative panels everywhere tips, recommendations and advice. In addition, virtually every detail and even allowed to change the camera to put out of the cab, controls – change the position of the radar and maps to remake. In short, for the sake of user convenience the developers of the Games Andi.

Free simulator Dirt On Tires [Offroad] for android enables you to explore the world of mud, impassable routes and complex orders, forcing over a couple of logs to drag, it seems at the edge of the universe: make sure to try and invite your friends!

Dirt On Tires [Offroad]
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