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Download Medieval Life free

Medieval Life download .apk Medieval Life 79,05 Mb
Medieval Life
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.22
  • 16.12.2020
Скачиваний: 7

The life of a medieval knight, has recently entered the Royal service, incredibly difficult – issued salary is not enough either for the purchase of valuable equipment or to gatherings in the tavern, you always have to risk, saving princesses from dragons, and, of course, demonstrate the power to conducted weekly tournaments – in short, in the simulator of Medieval Life for Android breathe once. All, of course, sad, but the situation could still change – you just have to defeat some dangerous enemy (for example, a giant Cyclops or wild boar, catching up fear in all the villagers), then spread rumors in the Kingdom about silushka heroic, and then to redeem the lake house and build a modest business. And with sturdy ground under their feet to move on crown lands is much easier, and steel armor will not fail as could substitute a leather jacket. Starts a simulator of Medieval Life with the presentation of a whole list of possibilities:

1. Hunting. Every knight is required to explore the world and record the committed deeds. Defeated Goblin? The increase in salary, the increased reputation and the bonus from the Treasury. Broken some kind of messenger from hell? You can count on a gift from a local blacksmith. And when, and from the ancient dragon will remain only horns Yes feet, then the accumulated money will have to shovel the shovel. Of course, throw everyone you meet is not worth it – the main character, though strong, but with all the enemies encountered on the road, is not good. In addition, the combat system is not too simplifies the battle – users will have to catch the perfect moments to attack, to choose wisely a protective stance and unmistakable to pick up equipment.

2. Construction. After completing a certain number of tasks the protagonist will be allowed to return to his native land, where at once it is necessary to deploy build their own shacks. In addition to selecting the "appearance" of the future house, you have permission to change the interior and inside to set up chairs and beds to hang on the wall, the trophies, brought from distant lands, decorate lamps and rugs. If inside expensive and beautiful decoration, then the fight will be much easier and victory will literally chase the main character. Besides the beauty of the interior carries out other important things for each acquired or countertop, for example, a chandelier, a special accrue experience points, which will be useful when purchasing equipment. New shields and weapons, additional luxury items, and even traps, able to automatically catch the enemies...

The rest of the time, users will have to deal with different tasks, received from the king, gather all sorts of awards, and even collaborate with users from all over the world, but the main mechanics remain the same. First, victory over enemies, then the purchase of the interior, after the improvement of the main character. Free simulator of Medieval Life for android is a unique product with exciting attention and not allowing any break away for a second!

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Medieval LifeMedieval LifeMedieval LifeMedieval LifeMedieval Life

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Download Medieval Life free

Medieval Life download .apk Medieval Life 79,05 Mb
Medieval Life
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 2.22
  • 16.12.2020
Скачиваний: 7

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Medieval Life

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Tablet, Smartphone
28 August 2017
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28 August 2017
RPG, Simulators
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