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"Pirates Stealth Mission Tale"is an interesting adventure game with strategy elements for your Android device. Studio VOG Studios has long been considered experienced. On account of the great number of projects. Most often, they have produced arcade games and simulators. Many past projects have been very successful, because they have gained considerable popularity among users. Are the game released relatively recently, so has only 9 reviews. Despite this, they are all positive, and the project has an average score of 4.9.

Running a free game,"Pirates Stealth Mission Tale", show the user a fairly long animated screensaver. It shows a little story of the main character. This is the pirate that landed in one town and trying to earn their money. For this it is necessary not only stealing from ordinary civilians, but also kill the servants. You must help him in this. After the cutscene automatically starts the training mode. It can't be missed, but he will take less than five minutes. In it you will learn the controls, basic rules and principles of gameplay. After training, start passing.

You will have three missions. They are divided into many levels with gradually increasing difficulty. The first location is very simple. You just need to approach people with weapons behind and deliver a deafening blow. When the opponent falls to the ground, hero quickly search his pockets and take all the money. This process is repeated for several initial levels. Gradually the number of guards increases, and their thinking improves. Be careful, if one of the people seeing a character you automatically lose. Note the green area in front of the servants. The angle of their review. Avoid these areas to remain unnoticed.

After each level, the user is show a sign with outcome data. It indicates the amount of money earned. The currency necessary for the purchase of artifacts, uniforms, weapons. Also charged experience that allows you to increase the overall level of the character. During the move, on location, try not to be in an open area. Use boxes, trees, various designs in the shelter.

The developers have added quite comfortable, but the unusual control. To the left is the classic joystick to move the hero. Right initially nothing, but depending on the situation there appear buttons for different actions. Graphics average. The developers have failed to achieve quality of detail, so the overall picture does not cause great excitement. Gameplay is interesting, exciting, but the mechanics a bit unfinished. In the background plays always the same track. Install a free game,"Pirates Stealth Mission Tale" for OC Android, steal money from people, buy new items, do not fall for the eyes of the guards.

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Pirates Stealth Mission TalePirates Stealth Mission TalePirates Stealth Mission TalePirates Stealth Mission TalePirates Stealth Mission Tale

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Download Pirates Stealth Mission Tale free

Скачиваний: 589
Pirates Stealth Mission Tale download Google Play
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Pirates Stealth Mission Tale

Android version:
2.3 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
2 October 2017
Last updated:
2 October 2017
Arcade, Action
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