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Frontline World War 2 Battle

Frontline World War 2 Battle
  • Обновлено
  • Требования Android 2.7
  • Жанр Игры
  • Просмотров 16
  • Google Play
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Android project called «Frontline World War 2 Battle"offers everyone, joining the ranks of the elite special forces of special forces to join the fight against global terrorism. The bandits, feeling the impunity, so much so insolent that began to act incredibly cocky, arranging explosions in the centres of European capitals, achieving thus the survivors with automatic weapons. Time to finish this, if not in real life, at least in the virtual world, which in fact offer gamers make the guys from the company "Tag Action Games". By the way, about the main thing. Since the gameplay of this free hit, swirling around the removal of terrorists with all kinds of firearms, it is easy to guess that the blood in the game flows like water, and that means it is strongly not recommended to play anyone under the age of eighteen.

After gamers install and run toy called «Frontline World War 2 Battle"they without delay offered to pick up the weapons and then send to perform the current combat missions in the vast virtual universe. Tasks in the missions are different. In some, for example, you just need to run and clean up the location for the area from the terrorists, while in others, it should be installed defuse bombs. Therefore, in order to know what to do in a mission, never ignore the introductory briefing, otherwise you will always lose, due to the failure of the tasks. For each completed level, players will be awarded different amounts, which vary based on such indices as: accuracy, execution time of tasks and the number of hits in the head.

For the management of this free Android project meets the standard set consisting of strictly fixed joystick located in the lower left corner, and a series of buttons that occupy the right edge of the display from the bottom up. Among them are buttons allowing you to fire at enemies, make the reload of the store to change weapons, if any, and also throw grenades (frag or stun). In order to make it easier to find enemies in the vastness of locations with a lot of intricate passages, lanes, and other obstacles, the developers added in the draft red arrows pointing to the exact location of all enemies. On the one hand, it's cool, but it is better they were not, with them is lost the excitement of the search for enemies.

Key features:
1. Attractive three-dimensional graphics, the middle class;
2. Meager selection of firearms to buy;
3. Most game cards are the same;
4. A pop-up is easy and Donat;
5. Is no Russian interface.

In short, android game «Frontline World War 2 Battle"from the company "Tag Action Games", is nothing but another average shooter, it is not aspiring to become a global hit.

Frontline World War 2 Battle
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