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Ridge Racer Slipstream- As the first representative of the popular racing games on Android. While the best race of the year.
Namco Bandai Games began as did many of the "old" developers, even in times of Atari, Irem, and so on. We can safely call all these studio veterans igrostroeniya. But their winning streak began on slot machines and over PC. Many developers do not do justice to the mobile platforms. For example Miniclip earns millions of dollars monthly. Many missed this chance, but not one of those Namco. In Google Play can be found Pac Man, Flight Control and Sky Gamblers. All the same, the famous studio in the past have not yet exhausted itself.
At this point, many developers are actively set to "transfer" of old games with poor system requirements on Android and IOS. Exception and not become Namco Bandai. Many played on computers in at least one racing game series Ridge Racer. It's certainly not Need for Speed. It's like heaven and earth. But Android Everything changed. Namco showed itself from the best side of his. And now in all racing games on Google Play clearly has another favorite.
The only thing that is not a matter of respect, this zeal to Namco "greed". Releasing the game for free downloading and giving it a bunch of in-game purchases, the developer proved to us that he does not want to become famous, and wants to earn big. But it's worth it. All the same, laying here extra "hundred" you become the king of racing.

"Need for Speed ??Most Wanted, Part Two."

In the last paragraph, I said thatRidge Racer Slipstreamhas every reason to become a leader in the genre of racing. It is really so. Worth a look even if the size of the game. 900 MB download and is able to fit every user. Another race is unlikely to weak devices. All this testifies to the superb graphics and diverse gameplay. Even the developer announced the minimum system requirements:
  • Android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich or above.
  • 1 GB of RAM or more.
  • At least 1 GB of free space.
  • The processor must have at least two cores.
  • The game will go to the following video accelerators: Tegra 3 (Nvidia) and above, Adreno 225 (Qualcomm) and above, PoverVR Sgx-544 (MediaTek and others) and above, Mali 400MP (Samsung) and above.
Going intoRidge Racer SlipstreamI saw not a very pleasant menu that can tell us that the game will be three game modes: Arcade, Career and Multiplayer. Going into the control settings can be changed to make you comfortable playing. There are also a profile settings and language selection. Unfortunately there is no Russian, and here more than ten languages.
Starting the race can be seen that there are no licensed cars. So for example in the Need for Speed ??they can be found over forty, well, Ridge Racer has a meager set of vehicles, a total of four fictional sports car. Of course you can tune them, improving the performance of cars and coloring them in colorful color, which by the way is not in the "Need for Speed". Their management will be available to us brake and nitro button. You can customize it thoroughly, combining different features of the phone.
It is worth noting a well-developed physics. Since speed is pretty decent, you do not always have time to slow down on sharp turns and come to the aid of such a thing as Drift. Holding brake is necessary to turn sharply and the car will be like a slide. As if under you do not asphalt, and frozen water. Such management you get used a couple of races and drift master seriously.


This game can be recommended not only for lovers of racing, but just for gamers. Especially it should be like an admirer of computer series Ridge Racer.

Screenshots of the game

Ridge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer SlipstreamRidge Racer Slipstream

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Download Ridge Racer Slipstream free

Скачиваний: 8281
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Ridge Racer Slipstream

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4.0 and higher
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3 March 2014
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3 March 2014
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