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Circle: Бегущий по Кругам

Circle: Бегущий по Кругам
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  • Требования Android 2.7
  • Жанр Игры
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Circle: Running in Circles - a fascinating arcade game designed for devices running on the operating platform Android. The presented project has a good Russian localization, so you can easily get to the main menu. It is, by the way, consists of the following tabs: Record, Points, arcade, Hell, Mission. Settings are located in the upper left corner and are modest. There, you can only enable or disable music, sound. Click on the question mark located at the bottom. There with the help of the pictures shown how to play. Control is implemented here exclusively by tap, so it can be called elementary. On the screen you will see a sort of maze, where the ball moves in a spiral into the depths. Your task is to help him overcome obstacles in the form of a drink. At first they are static and to avoid them easily. Later they start to move and then to avoid them will be much harder. Here each user, regardless of age, may set personal records. This app could be your perfect timekiller.

A wonderful project "Circle: Running in Circles" will give a two-dimensional, high-quality graphics and nice animation. Technically, the application performed well, optimization is decent. Music deserves special attention, because it is dynamic. If the background music is distracting, turn it off in settings. The application is distributed free of charge, suitable for tablets and smartphones with the system version is 4.1+. The color scheme of the locations changes periodically, but some wild variety in visual terms don't wait. However, this is hardly a drawback. The developers definitely did a good job. Download cool toy "Circle: Running in Circles" on their devices with the Android operating system.

Circle: Бегущий по Кругам
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