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If you love to prepare delicious hearty meals and experimenting with food in the kitchen, and also add new recipes in your own cookbook, you would be glad to get acquainted with our current Android product called "SEFKAT", which with the light hand of the company "ChefCat", a few days ago appeared on the Internet, and instantly became a hit. Just imagine her total score at the moment is 4.7 out of 5.0, which these days can boast not every mobile app that is distributed on a free basis. Besides, interestingly, does not allow him to enter neither the advertisement nor a light donut that also deserves praise.

Running the application "SEFKAT", users of the display across two dozen categories, with thousands of various recipes, ranging from meat dishes, cereals, pastas, and salads, and ending with recipes for cooking seafood. Selecting a category, and then the dish in front of you on the screen will instantly appear step-by-step instructions for its preparation, with a lot of accompanying photos, and recommendations. By the way, interestingly, if you decide to cook it, so don't forget to buy all the necessary products, you can with just a single click, add them to your shopping list, the built in this freeware by adding a reminder.

In addition to recipes and shopping list in the mobile app "SEFKAT", there are four built-in mini-games: 2048 (addictive logic puzzle game with numbers), Flappy Cat (arcade bounce), Donuts (puzzle game similar to the game series "Three in a row"), and Anyhow (preparation of the tallest cake in the world). But that's not all, additionally, in this application there is a section called "Contests", which quite often are raffled prizes. For example, recently, users were played a cool coffee company, with dozens of built-in programs. Who knows, maybe the winner of the next prize is you become.

Key features of the app:
1. The program interface is clear, concise, without unnecessary tabs and problems;
2. In addition to the recipes in the software has built-in games and a shopping list;
3. Banner ads, and videos we found.

Android new product called "SEFKAT", represents excellent software for chefs, and cooks.

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