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Project Parkour download .apk Project Parkour 17,8 Mb
Project Parkour
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.6
  • 19.03.2018
Скачиваний: 152


Overcoming the obstacles of any complexity . Have you heard anything about Parkour? No, then listen. So, it's not a sport, it is a real philosophy, based on the principle of ownership of his body. That is, in other words speaking, people professionally engaged in parkour learn quickly overcome the obstacles of any complexity, using only your body and the reaction. In general, once said David Belle: the world is absolutely no boundaries, there are only obstacles, and any of them can be overcome.

The Introduction.

Before we begin your review about the game «Project Parkour», stands in general to understand the origins of parkour. So, many people mistakenly believe that its founder is David Belle, who in 1987, together with Sebastien gathered a group of like-minded Fukanom called Yamakasi, with which he became famous worldwide for his performances in such films and as "Yamakasi" "Thirteenth District," and "District 13: Ultimatum". But alas, it is not the founder of the sports direction, because its origins go back to the distant 1912, at the time when Georges Hebert returned from Africa, decided to create a new methodology for training the military, which is based on his observation of preying natives. By the way, this technique is still practiced in the armed forces of France (it is called "natural method"), where passing his military service, it is very much addicted Raymond Belle. So, returning to civilian life this guy joined the fire department, where, thanks to his skills performed many heroic deeds, for which he received quite a few medals. By the way, David Belle his own son, who has decided today to popularize parkour.


This game is kind of a 3D arcade game sales in the first person, in which you need for a certain time period to avoid all the checkpoints in each of the six locations provided by (used to control two virtual joystick and buttons for jumping, running, and rolled up). By the way, if you think it would be very easy to do, then you are deeply mistaken, because you absolutely no one will point the way to the control points, you are required to come up with some way to reach them using ordinary acrobatics: jumping, rolled up, pull-ups, and running along the walls.


If you're a fan of arcade games, and you actually like very much parkour, this novelty called «Project Parkour» surely you'll be pleased.

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Project ParkourProject ParkourProject ParkourProject ParkourProject ParkourProject ParkourProject Parkour

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Download Project Parkour free

Project Parkour download .apk Project Parkour 17,8 Mb
Project Parkour
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.6
  • 19.03.2018
Скачиваний: 152
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Project Parkour

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9 April 2015
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9 April 2015
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