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Полиглот ВК

Полиглот ВК
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It is no secret that one of the most popular and the most popular social networks in the Russian Federation and its near abroad is a social network "Vkontakte", which at the moment was more than a hundred and fifty million people, and this is only a conservative estimate -- so if you are a member of, and wish to significantly expand its own possibilities, you just need to get Android app "polyglot VC". This software allows users to simultaneously work with four accounts to open and read any messages incognito, plus commit a lot of additional actions, some of which we will try to describe within this review.

When you first launch the free program "polyglot VC", users are required to login to this mobile application using the account of "Vkontakte". Don't worry, none of your personal data is not going to use for their own purposes or to disclose them on the Internet, so feel free to enter them, and nothing to worry about. Once inside the application, you will be greeted by the main menu of the project, the top of which, if necessary, you will be able to run simultaneously four accounts. If you do, then there will appear four circles with pictures that actually will serve you a kind of switch between accounts.

Also on the menu are the following tabs: Profile, Search, news, Collection, Messages, Replies, Friends, Groups, Photos, and Bookmarks. What do they mean, perhaps, to explain makes no sense, so leave them aside, let us consider the more interesting features of this model To them, you first need to take the opportunity to engage in an exchange of reposts, likes, and subscriptions. Committing any of these actions on your virtual account will fall a kind of currency, which in the future you can order any number of similar responses. Additionally, this new product has a miracle button that lets you automatically unsubscribe from groups to which you belong.

To be honest, the opportunities in android app "polyglot VC", much more than we have just described, but this is more than enough to be interested in this free project, and want to get to know him better.

Полиглот ВК
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