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Unusual runner

"SSR: Super Speed Runner"arcade game with complex mechanics, a bit unusual but interesting gameplay, designed for Android devices. Presents the project created by Studio Jambav.

Running "SSR: Super Speed Runner", you need to select one of a plurality of languages, and go to the first level. Once on location, will appear dark blue background. The foreground shows a smooth surface of black color. It will be a small box. It is the main object. You will control them throughout the game process. Initially the user has only one icon. It is located in the bottom left of the screen. Moving it to the right side, the box will start to move forward. A button is a kind of lever. Moving forward, the main object reaches maximum speed. Making a movement in the opposite direction, a geometric shape will stop. With a lever you can choose the right speed.

In the initial segment of the first level you only need to follow the speed. The location will appear a variety of hazardous objects falling from above. Enough not to be substituted to overcome the predetermined distance. The user could then add another button. She will be responsible for the jumps. With the buttons the player needs to overcome obstacles, to go the specified distance. All the obstacles are different. In many cases it is only necessary to stop the movement. This is done quite easily, the main time to react. If you meet the spikes beneath you, you need to jump them. However, the top can also be thorns. In such cases, it is necessary not only to jump but also perfect to pick up speed. Make it pretty difficult.

On location there are always three stars, be sure to collect them. Picking up all the stars, you will be able to score maximum points and to get a better score. Also on location are white areas located on the surface. This is the place to save. After losing, you will appear near a white zone. From this point you can continue the process of passing. Saving happens automatically.

Graphics are diverse enough. However, the developers decided to use a small number of shades. All locations are dark, in the picture there is a lot of ferrous objects. Download free "SSR: Super Speed Runner" for Android OS.

Screenshots of the game

SSR: Super Speed RunnerSSR: Super Speed RunnerSSR: Super Speed RunnerSSR: Super Speed RunnerSSR: Super Speed Runner

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Download SSR: Super Speed Runner free

Скачиваний: 280
SSR: Super Speed Runner download Google Play
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SSR: Super Speed Runner

AJD Project
Android version:
4.4 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
4 November 2019
Last updated:
4 November 2019
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