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Download Voice Call Dialer free

Voice Call Dialer download .apk Voice Call Dialer 5,32 Mb
Voice Call Dialer
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.9
  • 10.02.2021
Скачиваний: 465

Voice Call Dialer – generic, and most importantly the perfect free Android app that allows you to make dialing phone numbers by voice. This tool can be invaluable for motorists, and people prefer in everyday life to use Bluetooth headsets. The undeniable advantages of this new product is attributed the lack of serious system requirements, and its low weight.

For normal operation the mobile application "Voice Call Dialer", requires the following permissions: Access contacts (it is necessary to search subscribers in the phone book), Record audio (this option is necessary for the software to record your speech, and its subsequent transformation into the queries), Access to multimedia files on the device (option to work with the records created by the program), and the Ability to make calls (function for dialing phone numbers). Issuing a number of these permissions to the app, the screen will display its main menu, which consists of three tabs: VoiceDial (voice dialing), ContactSearch (search contacts in the phone book), and FavoritesContacts (section with selected subscribers).

To implement voice dialing, just tap on the button "VoiceDial", and then start to dictate the room into the speaker phone or headset. When you search for contacts in the address book by selecting "ContactSearch", they should be call as they have recorded. Regarding section C of the favourites (FavoritesContacts), then it is possible to enter an unlimited number of contacts. Now, what is most interesting. Initially, this software for speech perception installed Google with English language. If you give him the queries in the Russian language, it you do not understand. To select Russian localization you will need to set it in the settings of your smartphone.

Key features of the program:
1. The user interface is implemented exclusively in English;
2. The number of pop-up ads is prohibitive, and it is impossible;
3. The app is no longer officially updated by the developers.

In short, if you want the option for voice dialing, with follow-up calls, and you are not afraid of advertising, why would you then not use for this purpose is a free android utility "Voice Call Dialer", created by representatives of the company "Digital Life Apps".

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Voice Call DialerVoice Call DialerVoice Call DialerVoice Call DialerVoice Call Dialer

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Download Voice Call Dialer free

Voice Call Dialer download .apk Voice Call Dialer 5,32 Mb
Voice Call Dialer
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.9
  • 10.02.2021
Скачиваний: 465
Voice Call Dialer download Google Play
Переходов: 147
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Voice Call Dialer

Android version:
4.0 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
26 June 2020
Last updated:
26 June 2020
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