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The Russian Yandex declares to earn $250,000,000 annually these days. Like Google, they decided to extend their spheres of influence and started producing high quality soft for the Android platform. Today they have over forty programs to offer to Android users. One of their great recent apps is Yandex.bus сapable of displaying the movement of public transportation on a map of a city. 


If you want to use public transportation but you don't know which route to take, go to this app and indicate the address you need to go to and the program will draw out your roite and tell you which transport to take (trolley, bus, minibus, taxi). Moreover, the app can reflect where your bus or trolley is currently which means you will know when it will arrive to the stop you are at. 

Bottom Line 

For now, Yandex.bus is only good for several big Russian cities but te developers say they are working to expand the territory. 

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