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Container wars

Container wars
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  • Требования Android 2.7
  • Жанр Игры
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We have recently discovered the retrospective game collection by a Russian developing company called Appscraft impressing us by their amazing projects. Their simulators, card games, and quizzes have already been introduced on our site, it is this unusual strategy's turn. Container wars tells of the crazy blind auctions where you don't know what you are paying for, paying big money, too! Would you like to challenge your intuition?


You visit countries and cities (Rio-de-Janeiro, Rio-Grande, New York City, Saint-Petersburg, San Francisco, Libreville, Cairo, Mombasa, London, Cape town, Singapore, Mumbai, Vladivostok, and Sidney) and try to win an auction bet buying containers with garbage that you resell afterwards. Don't be too hasty with the selling, though. Check the junk you got and fix some of the items n your garage. Then sell it to rarity buyers and fans of old stuff.

Bottom Line 

In fact, Container wars is more of a business simulator where luck during auction (real-time as well as offline) is essential. 

Container wars
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