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Questery download .apk Questery 7,09 Mb
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.9
  • 23.05.2018
Скачиваний: 34


Not so long ago, the world had such a fun fun as adventure quests in which people do not play on computers and even on tablets, but in real life, moving on specially designed for this locations, solving puzzles, guessing riddles. By the way, tell you a secret, entertainment, and a hundred percent worth your time on it. So, where is this going. Realizing the fact that people are interested in real quests, the developers of the company «Questery» created unique software for the tourists, which offers them in a playful way to get acquainted with the sights of many cities of Russia and Europe. Well, want to know more?

The principle of the game.

In order to participate in a particular quest, you need to select in this application any of the cities in which you are at the moment, and knowing the starting point, to arrive at it, and press "Proceed". Once you do, you can assume that you are in the game, you immediately without delay starts to tell about local attractions, and to ask the tough questions that can be answered, only looked around. By the way, if suddenly you have something does not work, then it does not matter, this game has the right to three errors, and the same number of prompts for each question.


If you want to know about the attractions of a city, but you have alas, no money for a guide, then be sure to use our new «Questery» believe me , she knows a lot more guides, and delivers the information in a dry form and in game form.

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Download Questery free

Questery download .apk Questery 7,09 Mb
  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7
  • v. 1.9
  • 23.05.2018
Скачиваний: 34
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9 September 2016
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9 September 2016
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