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Best Fiends Forever

Best Fiends Forever
  • Обновлено
  • Требования Android 2.7
  • Жанр Игры
  • Просмотров 9
  • Google Play
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If you remember, the game "Best Fiends", was nothing more than a colorful project of direct relevance to this gaming destination as "Three in a row". Therefore, when the network appeared in its sequel called «Best Fiends Forever», nobody even doubted that it is also, like the first part, will be a logical puzzle. But as they say, God works in mysterious ways, based on what is easy to guess that the guys from the company "Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd" instead of continuing the development of the story in the original key, decided by taking calculated risk not to change the direction of your hit. So, in other words, everyone expected another cool puzzle from the series "Three in a row", and got a banal "Clicker".


After the first part of the game, we helped the bugs to save their relatives, slugs knew who was who in insects, and under cover of night, stole all wound up (Brittle, Quincy, Bob and Baghla), in order thus to intimidate, and in one fell swoop to end the war. Perhaps they would have succeeded, if in their trap would hit, and the Thumper, so now you have to help him save his friends, and to raise a new rebellion against slugs.


If the plot of the game the guys from the company "Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd" job, but from the gameplay they've obviously overdone it. In short, now for the release of the key characters from captivity you have to kill slugs in your path not through folding puzzles, and with ordinary taps, and to destroy the enemies completely unnecessary for them to get. Well, then even easier, all of whom you will release, will immediately join up with you and automatically help you to strike the enemy for additional damage. That's basically the entire game, Tapan slugs, save friends, and pumped their characteristics.


To be honest, the game «Best Fiends Forever» personally we expected more, so frankly, was a bit shocked at what wonderful puzzle became commonplace clicker. Although, not for us to judge!

Best Fiends Forever
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