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In case you have not realized, today in the face of the game «Resources: GPS MMO Game» from the company "UN3X" we want to bring to your attention another location-based project, and most importantly, not simple, but massive, with hundreds of functions and options, which currently boasts neither one of the representatives of this games direction. Well, okay, not be so far from get ahead of ourselves, let's start from the beginning.


Once you start the project and go through the simple registration process you will be prompted to choose a name for your conglomerate. So, as soon as you do, then get to the map of his native city, and, through the countryside, scanning them for the presence of various resources (clay, lime, oil, iron, gravel, gold, diamonds, and so on). In General, to find anything from this list, you need faster than the competition to stake a claim for themselves a fertile land by building on it a mine or quarry. Well, then, you received the fossil you have to sell in the markets, or to grant to the state for a certain percentage. Although, you know, expensive not to sell them. Therefore, instead of trade resources, it is best to build on its territory plants, and factories, and begin to produce finished products (bricks, gasoline, jewelry, and the like), can bring you a lot more money. By the way, many plants in this game, multidisciplinary, and this means that for the production of certain goods they may need several different types of resources that you can buy in the markets and bartering barter with other players, sesavas with them via chat, and by entering into appropriate contracts, the failure of which can not only undermine the global credibility of your company, but also lead to its bankruptcy.


If you love games with a financial background and are a fan of location-based projects, then the game «Resources: GPS MMO Game» this is exactly what you need!

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Resources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO GameResources: GPS MMO Game

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Download Resources: GPS MMO Game free

Скачиваний: 26
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Resources: GPS MMO Game

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7 November 2016
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7 November 2016
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