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Adventures in the office

Android game "The Office Quest (Unreleased)", represents nothing like an entertaining life simulation game office plankton. You don't know what it is? Then know, the so-called office workers, plowing from sunup to sunset on their always screaming, unhappy bosses, often for mere pennies.

History free games "The Office Quest (Unreleased)", from "Deemedya INC" banal like five cents. Nice guy, whom you will play in this game, tired all day to sit, rubbing pants for a personal computer, grinding away the glory of her boss. So, one day, he decides to take, to get away from the office. It would seem that so tough, the carcass of a personal computer, pack up and go to the exit? But as it turned out, in fact, followed by constantly watching, senior Advisor in the Department, to the boss (any extra action is punishable by the heart-rending cries of his superiors). Therefore, in order to get the coveted fresh air, our main character have to put a lot of effort to organize a secretive escape.

Now that with the storyline of the new items we were able to understand, let's look at its gameplay. In this particular case is implemented in the style of logical quest "Point-and-click". This is when gamers directly controlling the main character with third person, trying to find in numerous locations of active objects, in order to then figure out how to use them to help your character to reach his goal.

Do not understand how to play? Then let us for example consider the actions of the main character in the starting area. In the beginning he is sitting at the table, any extraneous action ends with the cries of the Manager, but when you tap on it, and tell it to the lovely cleaner, she will be distracted, allowing you to sneak away from his seat. More difficult, In the next room is in full swing preparing for the party, the posters, there is even a "Piñata" (a dummy stuffed toys). A little further on, at the door of the boss's office, the repairman is repairing a broken photocopier. So, in order to slip past the head, it is necessary taking a MOP to break the "Piñata", take a toy hammer, and replace it with a real repairman copier. Then it's simple, smash with a hammer the fire alarm, and turned on the water, and then hiding behind the photocopier. Once wet, the boss will jump out, swearing in the corridor, run past the nearest Elevator.

What will happen in this game, we will not tell, but trust us, the job there will be much more difficult, and at the same time interesting. So, if you love quality puzzle quests, then it is mandatory to pay attention to today's android a new product called "The Office Quest (Unreleased)"believe me, creating it the guys from the company "Deemedya INC" did a good job (minimum requirements for the operation of the logic project: CPU 1.2 GHz, 1GB RAM, GPU Adreno 305).

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The Office Quest (Unreleased)The Office Quest (Unreleased)The Office Quest (Unreleased)The Office Quest (Unreleased)The Office Quest (Unreleased)

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Download The Office Quest (Unreleased) free

Скачиваний: 69

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The Office Quest (Unreleased)

Deemedya INC
Android version:
4.1 and higher
ARMv6, ARMv7
Tablet, Smartphone
29 April 2017
Last updated:
29 April 2017
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