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Finger soccer: Football kick

Finger soccer: Football kick
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Finger soccer: Football kick free simulator football tournament for Android that presents original slot solution.

Gameplay features
Now no need to run most of the time on the field, waiting for the blow. The player will have to perform only a series of penalty kicks, guiding the ball straight into the opposition's goal. And that's fine. The impact is to perform such force that the enemy was not able to recapture. Originally a simple stroke of your finger across the screen the player will be able to apply only direct blows, but in practice, they will become more difficult and tricky. Now, not even the force of the blow will play a role. The enemy will not be able to predict which part of the gate the ball will fly. And this, of course, the better will affect the outcome of the match.

Gameplay features
App Finger soccer: Football kick consists of sequential levels, which are the same type of tasks. Given a few attempts and the aim is for the performance. To move to the next level required to make accurate shots into the goal. As a bonus, the app offers super punch – fireball, to beat which doesn't get even the most good goalkeepers. Yes, and it brings more points than other attacks. But using it constantly will not work, because such attacks are limited. Bonus is better to use in the most extreme cases where it is impossible to pass to the next level.

The graphics and music
High quality graphics allows you to feel like a real member of the football tournament. Thanks to the realistic mechanics and most accurate display all features of this sports game feel like a real football player, which largely depends on the outcome of the match. Complements the overall impression of the sound of the blows, the screams of the fans and case sounds typical of football.

Among the most attractive features of the game Finger soccer: Football kick stands out:
- The implementation of various real situations that can happen on the playing field during the tournament;
- Simple and intuitive controls for touch screens;
- Nice graphics, above average;
- Huge number of levels;
- Dynamic gameplay;
- Two game modes.

As a negative application note is the presence of third-party advertising, the presence of paid content. But such moments have become customary when it comes to free game apps. Finger soccer: Football kick is an attractive and quality football simulator for mobile devices on the Android platform, which will be appreciated by many football lovers.

Finger soccer: Football kick
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